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Spray type fragrance with a casual everyday scent
A spray-type fragrance that is popular for its casual scent compared to perfumes. Please enjoy the scent by using it not only for clothing but also for familiar cloth products such as curtains and cushions. It also contains natural deodorant ingredients derived from persimmon, and has the effect of eliminating unpleasant odors.

A mixture of leafy greens, green herbs, fir trees, cypress, and hiba. The refreshing and deep scent, which is inspired by the fresh green forest, is ideal for relaxing spaces and other healing spaces.

Contains bergamot, ozone, musk, lavender, apricot, jasmine, white rose, and violet. The sweet and refreshing scent of clear floral can easily change your mood.

A mixture of musk, amber, bergamot, oakmoss, agarwood, and cloves. Recommended when you want to raise your mood with a masculine and powerful scent, or when you want to assert your own personality.

Ethanol, Water, Fragrance, Persimmon Tannin (Deodorant Ingredient), Solubilizer