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Second collaboration model with fishing brand「A.H.P.L.」
The second collaboration with A.H.P.L. is a model inspired by A.H.P.L.'s masterpiece rod "SILLY STICK." The fluorescent green of the spare arm and the casually placed icons incorporate the elements of "SILLY STYLE" advocated by Mr. Ando.
The frame is made of lightweight and elastic material "TR-90" and weighs only 22g. The arm is designed to wrap around the entire head, so you don't have to worry about stress or headaches from wearing it for long periods of time. In addition, the lens uses a polarized lens with a silver mirror, making it ideal for spotting basses.
In addition, a removable spare arm and a glass holder with both brand names printed on it are included, making it a special collaboration collection that fans will love.

[About A.H.P.L.]
Fishing brand "A.H.P.L." by Mr. Yoshihiko Ando. There is a wide lineup of works that are unique and overturns the common sense of the lure world. There are many fishermen who are captivated by his world view. He advocates to enjoy fishing with a funny lure that does not look like bait in his "SILLY STYLE" concept.

  • Light and durable T90 Frame

    By using TR 90 material, which is lightweight, has excellent elasticity, and has excellent impact resistance, this will certainly support your daily, active lifestyle.

  • Easy care plastic hinges that do not use any metal screws

    Since no metal screws or parts are used, there is no need to worry about rusting due to sweat or seawater. You can safely use it even if you are allergic to metal. In addition, the inset hinge design allows the lens-side frame and temple (handle) to be separated and easily refitted without imposing a heavy burden on the frame body in the event of an impact.

  • Hangable Round Temple Design

    By bending inward so as to wrap around the end of the temple (handle), it is designed to have a shape that makes it easy to hook naturally on the neck or overhead when removed. It is a functional and nifty design that is useful for scenes when you want to take a break.

  • Lens: Height 4.3cm × Width 5.3cm, Temple Length:16.1cm, Frame Width 14.0cm

  • Frame: TR90(Plastic), Lens: Polarized Mirror Lens(Nylon)

  • Eyewear Pouch (Purse),Spare Temple(Green), Glass Code