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New frameless model lineup
The new model "SNAKE PIT" is designed to ensure a wider field of view while inheriting the classical outline of ACID RIDER. The surface is smooth and does not collect snow or moisture, so it does not fog easily, and the high-contrast lens made by ZEISS allows you to clearly see the condition of the snow surface.
The first thing I would like you to see is the edgy strap design. This season, the design emphasizes the subculture colors of SABER's backbone, such as early punk, hardcore, and metal. We will make maniac music lovers grin and deliver a fresh style to those who desire stimulation. "SNAKE PIT", which combines functionality and stylish design, embodies the world of SABER.
[Strap design]
The bold sampling logo that garage / psychobilly fans will grin to is eye-catching. Excellent finish with pop coloring.

Frame: Flexible thermo polyurethane frame
Lens: Carl Zeiss twin wall polycarbonate
100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection
Hypoallergenic compression forming face foam
Ventilation system feature
Anti-fog lens feature
Backstrap feature
Original Soft Pouch
Silver clear spare lens