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Original shaped glasses with a style
Original shape eyewear created by fusing the sensibilities of Mr. Kamiyama and SABER. Not only the frame and lens, but also the outline, thickness, coloring, etc. are all planned and created from scratch.
Although it has a voluminous shape, it gives a refreshing impression by adopting a matte clear frame, and it is an eyewear that can be used regardless of coordination.

The graphic "HELLO SABER" drawn by Mr. Kamiyama is printed on the inside of the temple as a proof of collaboration. On the other side is "SABRE x RYUJI KAMIYAMA." [About Ryuji Kamiyama]
In the early 90's, he launched the brand "FAMOUS" and has been active in Ura-Harajuku for 10 years. After that, he has been active mainly in live painting in various places such as streets and in public spaces and has held exhibitions in SF, LA, Scandinavia, etc., starting with his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in 2003. In recent years, he has been active both in Japan and overseas, focusing on murals, showrooms, and windows. In addition, he is also active under the name of "ULTRA HEAVY" with Akira Ishikawa and JERRY Ukai.

SABER original glass cord & spare mirror lens included

Frame: TR90(Plastic)
Lens: Plastic
Lens(Height x Width): 47.7mm x 53.5mm
Temple Length: 137mm
Frame Width: 140mm
Bridge Width: 16.5mm
Original Case